6 Ways That Social Media Has Changed the Marketing Game


There is no doubt that social media has drastically changed the world. It has made communication easier and faster than ever before. It has made connecting with family and friends effortless. While it can be argued that social media does have its downsides, it is undeniable that it has many upsides as well, specifically for […]

SEO Explained And Why You Need to Be Implementing It


We’ve talked about the importance of having a business website. So now it’s time to talk about SEO. What it is, and why you need to be implementing it. We will start with the basics for those of you that are totally new to the subject, and finish with some more advanced ways to implement […]

What Is Company Branding and Why Is It Essential?


At face value, a brand is your logo, your website, your colors, and even your tagline. But beyond that, a brand is also your building, your employees, and your culture. Even more, it’s your products and/or services. It’s your pricing model and it’s the way you do business. A brand is all of those things […]

10 Reasons Why It’s Essential for Your Business to Have a Website


In today’s market, if your business doesn’t have a website, you are already behind your competitors. It is absolutely essential that your business, no matter what size or what you offer, has a website. Here’s a list of 10 reasons why it’s essential for your business to have a website: 1. Your competition has one […]