Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


We'll take care of your SEO

Want more customers? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for your business if you want to grow organically. Simply put, great SEO means great rankings on Google. The more exposure you have, the more clients you can attract. Each client is unique - we’ll look at your:

Once we have a better understanding of you and your business, we can strategize and target appropriate keywords that will give you the best results. You’ll be able to see and track these results, as we make sure to send you monthly analytics reports.

What is SEO?

You probably hear this term a lot: search engine optimization; SEO. But what does it mean? SEO is a process that focuses on gaining higher and more valuable website traffic organically via search engines like Google. This means that you are not paying for ads at the top of the search results. Instead, you use strategy to target specific keywords on your website that search engines recognize and deem you credible. Through SEO, your website will be visible to more people, giving you the opportunity to get more customers.


What can you expect from us?

Consultation & Discovery

First, we start by getting to know you and your company. We’ll help guide you and figure out what you need.

Research & Proposal

Next, we will perform research into your industry. We want to help you outshine your competition. We will craft a tailored proposal that you will then approve.


That brings us to the execution. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that takes time. This means that the execution step is continuous.


Showtime! Again, in the case of search engine optimization this process is continuous. Every month we will present you a report with analytics about website traffic, leads, clicks, etc.

Refinement & Delivery

Of course we want your feedback and to make sure you love what you’re getting. Along the way we will analyze the data we receive and alter our strategy accordingly to ensure best results.


We offer ongoing support during this time. Come to us with any questions!

A little bit more information...

This depends on a variety of factors such as how competitive your industry is, who your competitors are, what your current rankings are, etc. We will help guide you, and we will present you a proposal after we’ve done research.

Search engine optimization helps to get your website a higher ranking on search engines (e.g Google). Ideally, people who are already searching for your products/services should be able to see your website come up on the first page of Google.

This depends on what your competitors are doing, and how many competitors there are. We’ll do the research on your competition and let you know what it’s gonna take to get there.

You should start seeing incremental results after about 3 months, but you would see the actual effectiveness closer to 6 months after. It depends on a number of factors, including your current ranking and how new your website is.

More questions?

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