Social Media Management


Connect with clients

It’s so important to stay connected and engaged with your clients. Social media is the perfect way of building and keeping relationships with customers. You could be selling t-shirts or running a restaurant, either way you need to have a social media presence. The more you post and engage with the community, the more people will start to notice you and connect with you.

What can you expect from us?

Consultation & Discovery

First, we start by getting to know you and your company. We’ll help guide you and figure out what you need.

Research & Proposal

Next, we will perform research into your industry. We want to help you outshine your competition. We will craft a tailored proposal that you will then approve.


That brings us to the execution. Social media management is an ongoing process that takes time. This means that the execution step is continuous.


Showtime! Again, in the case of social media management this process is continuous. Every month we will present you a report with analytics about your posts, followers, etc.

Refinement & Delivery

Of course we want your feedback and to make sure you love what you’re getting. Along the way we will analyze the data we receive and alter our strategy accordingly to ensure best results.


We offer ongoing support during this time. Come to us with any questions!

A little bit more information...

This depends on factors like how many posts a week we’re creating and posting, how much we’re engaging with the community, etc. We will work out a strategy with you and include it in our proposal.

If we do social media management for you, we would create, post, and engage with other accounts on that platform. If we do social media marketing, we are simply doing advertisements on social media platforms for you.

More questions?

We want to hear from you! Contact us for a complimentary consultation & quote.